Sunday, April 4, 2010

why i should be study????

why i should study???
that questions couldn't be answere in a simple way...
i have to focus on what i want to be..

what i want to be actually....
i don't know
i don't want to know

its just confius here
i already spoil my ambitious
i don't know how to manage them back

it just my mistake
down my parents dream
oh my GOD...
please help me...
forgive me what i have done..

i don't know what to do now..
don't know how to do now.. 
don;t know what going on behind me!!!

what happened to me..
why i choose this step
why i take this step
why i move on this step...even i know something wrong here...

from i was a child till now...a teenager
i only focus on study... yeah...whatever
i try to be someone
but, i have spoil all the dream
don't know how to return all the things

how can i face to my parents
how can i face to people
how can i face to my family
that was really ............
somebody help me...

but i know
only me can repair all the mistaken that i have done
i don't know to do it
but, i still have to try

i know...
still someone with me
and never leave me behind in alone
the one that i always remember

i love u..
always love u till i die...
really don't know what will be happened
if u are not with me

that's was u..
i really love u...

because of u
till now
i always be strong
i always try hard to make u happy
i don;t want to disappointing u again

but i do it again..
please forgive ur doughter

i always love u...

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